Andrew "Bummer" Baumer
Job: Day Manager at Surfer's Paradise Resort
Likes: Pleasing the owners, guests, and being Mr. Ridgemount's Yes-Man.
Dislikes: Employees slacking, unhappy guests, grom pranks, being called Bummer
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Voice Actor: Cory Doran
Relationships: Chrissy (broken up)
Interests: Managing the hotel, advancing career, increasing hotel profits at the expense of his staff
First Appearance: Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!

"Welcome to Surfer's Paradise! I'm Andrew Baumer, daytime manager."

—Baumer, upon meeting Broseph, Emma, Reef and Fin in "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!"

Andrew Baumer, occasionally called Andy (and more commonly called Bummer behind his back, with the alternate Bum Man by the Kahuna) is the day manager of Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort and is one of the primary antagonists on Stoked. Most of the employees refer to him as "Bummer" because he is strict, bossy and cares more about his job than anything else (e.g. the employees). He is dedicated to his job and always tries to please the guests and the owner, Mr. Ridgemount. In his first appearance he is shown to be handling and stressing over the massive mess left behind from Lo's party, while trying to attend to the other guests. When the groms get there he believes them to be guests before being corrected by them, and quickly puts them to work cleaning the pool. Bummer also has a cruel tradition of firing at least one employee on the first day every year.

Bummer uses a strike system in which if an employee does something wrong they get a strike. If the employee gets three, then they get fired. Examples of getting strikes are causing messes, slacking off at work, getting less than 8/10 on a evaluation, being late, and even eating some left over food from guest plates. So far through the series though, no one has gotten all three strikes. Johnny though got a permanent strike that would never be removed from the strike list in "Grand Theft Whale Bus". When Bummer is excited he might cancel one or more strikes from an employee's record.

Bummer seems to have a huge dislike directed toward both Reef and Lo (the former especially). Reef and Bummer just don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, like working and time off and occasionally fight about the issue. After Lo throws a party at the hotel her father makes her get a job at the hotel. Bummer, along with Kelly and (later on) Rosie, threaten to tell her dad if she screws up since they technically can't fire her, due to the fact that Lo's family owns the resort (as well as the fact that Lo's being forced to work at hotel rather than willingly working there). Bummer also frequently shows little to no regard for the safety or well-being of the groms in general, as evidenced by his:

By acting as a buffer between Mr. Ridgemount and the staff working under him, he's most likely deliberately keeping his boss in the dark about the conditions that the groms are forced to work under by Bummer--especially so since Lo joined the staff in "Board and Confused," as it is likely he believes it would cost him his job as the day manager if Mr. Ridgemount found out about what his daughter was being subjected to.


  • Everyone besides Mrs. Ridgemount and Ty calls him "Bummer."
    • Rosie's the only known employee to call him "Bummer" to his face, which he hates.
  • He was seen in his street clothes for the first time in "Charging into the Night".
  • He can operate a bulldozer.
  • Despite allowing the Marvins to act as they please while staying at the hotel, he doesn't like them any more than the rest of the staff. When Johnny finally causes the Marvins to leave the hotel, all Bummer does is give Johnny a strike.
  • The Kahuna referred to him as the Bum Man in "Charging into the Night".
  • The groms and some seniors refer to Bummer as a dork.
  • He considers Johnny his favorite staff member, regarding him like an assistant, and cannot bring himself to fire Johnny.
  • If something bad happens at the hotel, he usually gets chewed out by Mr. Ridgemount.
  • His iPhone is gray.
  • He wears briefs with Wipeout on the back of them.
  • Reef is his least favorite staff member.
  • He has anger issues.
  • His voice actor, Cory Doran, also voices Mike in the Total Drama series.
  • He is not considered a very good prankster by his staff.
    • His idea of a good prank is to fill a gas tank with regular instead of premium.
    • However, Bummer pranks his junior staff in "A Prank Too Far" by pretending he was dead and having Snack Shack dress up as an extremely important guest that needed to talk with Bummer about helping Mr. Ridgemount. The junior staff fell for the prank and thought that they would get hard time for "killing" Bummer once the "extremely important guest" found out that Bummer was "dead". After Bummer revealed that he pranked his staff, Reef couldn't believe that Bummer had pranked him.
  • He has been called a brown-noser by Mr. Ridgemount for constantly kissing up to him and acting like a yes-man.
  • He can communicate with seagulls.
  • He had a massive crush on Sandy Beaches, who he later discovered was Reef.
  • He used to be a grom.
  • He was fired from his job by Mr. Ridgemount in "Endless Bummer", but later got his job back when he cleared the hotel lobby of an invading flock of seagulls.
  • He sometimes uses the stress ball when he becomes stressed on the job.
  • He sometimes calls himself The Baumer.
  • In "Grom Fest", he was sick and required Johnny to take care of him.
  • Lo Ridgemount and Broseph are the only known employees not affected by his "points" system:
    • In Lo's case, she's being forced to work at the hotel and her family owns the resort, so he technically can't fire Lo.
    • For Broseph, even if he does get all three strikes (which would obviously result in him getting fired), he doesn't have to worry about finding a new job since he already has a set job at the surf shop that his mom runs.
  • By the series' end, he never received an appropriate comeuppance for his poor treatment of the groms under his employment.

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