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This is a guide to the episodes of Stoked and short summaries of them.


Season Episodes Originally aired (Canada)
First aired Last aired
1 26 June 25, 2009 June 3, 2010
2 26 September 16, 2010 January 26, 2013

Season 1 (2009–10)

Image #
Title Canadian Air Date
S1 E1 The whale bus pulls up at the end of the pier.png 1 1 "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!" June 25, 2009
Broseph, Emma, Fin and Reef arrive at Surfer's Paradise resort, excited about their new jobs. But they soon become very disappointed when they find out that their jobs aren't what they expected. Meanwhile Lo, the daughter of the hotel's owner, finds out her party last night is on the news.
S1 E2 Johnny swaps Emma's scores with Martha's.png 2 2 "Another Grom Bites the Dust" June 28, 2009
Continuing the same day that the the first episode was set in, the main characters begin to adjust further to their new jobs at the hotel.
Vlcsnap-2010-10-16-12h43m34s161.png 3 3 "Board and Confused" July 5, 2009
When the group has to go through initiation so they can surf the Office, they go through massive torture. Meanwhile, Lo finally gets that her dad is serious about her working.
Exaltaţii ep 4 059 0002.jpg 4 4 "Take Your Kook to Work Day" July 19, 2009
Emma falls for Lo's older brother, Ty, but can't get his attention. Prompted by Lo's advice in making him jealous, she brings a non-local to the Office. Now, everyone hates her. How can she fix things?
Stoked Waves of Cheese.jpg 5 5 "Waves of Cheese" July 26, 2009
After seeing Reef using lines from a '90s surf flick to pick up a cute guest, Fin makes it her mission to have The Kahuna run Break Point at the movies to expose Reef...
S1 E6 Stanley gives Johnny his company card.png 6 6 "The Very Very Very Very Very Important Guest" July 12, 2009
When the world's sickest wave comes to Surfer's Paradise, so does an important hotel critic. But when he has a lousy time, can the group make it right?
S1 E7 Reef yells in pain saying "I'm hurt. I'm hurt!".png 7 7 "Hang 9" August 2, 2009
When Reef breaks his pinky toe while surfing, he gets the whole week off. Fin, on the other hand, gets to replace Reef as the new surf instructor! Meanwhile, George is being humiliated by Lo in front of his crush and manages to get back at her by pulling a subtle trick...
S1 E8 Fin shakes Reef out of his hysteria.png 8 8 "Fast Times when the Rip Tide's High" August 9, 2009
When Reef and Fin get stuck on an island after a surf-off, they must work together to survive. Meanwhile when Lo books a surfboard tour at the resort to please her dad, it does not end well.
S1 E9 totem Reef found in the crack.png 9 9 "Reef And That Evil Totem" August 16, 2009
Reef finds a tiny Haida totem near a waterfall, which he turns into a talisman-like necklace. But when it turns out unlucky he must get rid of it. Meanwhile Lo must handle watching over some of the hotel kids.
Yoda character 3.jpg 10 10 "Charging into the Night" August 23, 2009
With Bummer away for the night, the groms make plans for a little night-surfing action. But when a power surge affects the entire hotel, the gang has to restore the power before he returns and busts them.
S1 E11 Broseph tells Reef and Johnny "Oh, yeah, everyone but you dudes".png 11 11 "O Broseph, Where Art Thou" August 30, 2009
Emma receives two strikes on her record after Lo takes advantage of her. When Lo accidentally gets one guest paycheck extremely messed up she just might be the reason for Emma getting fired.
On the beaver tail run.jpg 12 12 "Reef, Broseph, and Emma's Totally Stupid Adventure" March 4, 2010
After having enough of the bad staff food, Reef, Emma, and Broseph go get something to eat in town, but somehow get lost. Meanwhile, Fin has the hots for a guy whose extremely messy room she posted on her website.
Reefcomplain.png 13 13 "Boards of Glory" March 11, 2010
When Surfer's Paradise loses to a rival in a contest, it's up to Reef and Broseph to save Ridgemount's title.
S1 E14 Buster lays upside down.png 14 14 "Groms Gone Wild!" September 6, 2009
Bummer leaves for the weekend and leaves Johnny in charge. The groms pressure him to become the "fun" boss, and chaos occurs. Meanwhile, Reef develops a Bromance with a pro surfer, who according to rumors, has a crush on Emma.
S1 E15 Lo hugs Stone.png 15 15 "Chum Music" March 25, 2010
Lo is caught in a lie after she claims she's dating a rock star, who then shows up at the hotel. To save face, Lo keeps up the charade with the oblivious star.
S1 E16 Broseph tells Reef "Riiight, I forgot, you're scared of the dark".png 16 16 "Penthouse of Horror" October 15, 2009
Fin, Reef, Lo and Broseph get trapped in an old hotel room that Bummer claims to be haunted by a young couple who died there. The gang (especially Fin) doesn't really believe in hauntings, that is, until the ghost shows up (though Fin still refuses to believe this). Meanwhile, The Kahuna finds himself doing battle with an undead evil fish stick that he accidentally brought back to life.
Vlcsnap-2010-10-16-16h54m29s178.png 17 17 "Mr. Wahine" November 5, 2009
After Ripper and Lance dress Reef up like a girl, he gets entered in a surfing contest with Fin and Emma. Emma's board, though, gets broken. Things then get worse when Bummer falls in love with Reef as Sandy Beaches!
EGdmaHhuMTI= o stoked-season-1-episode-18-grand-theft-whale-bus-part-1.jpg 18 18 "Grand Theft Whale Bus" April 15, 2010
When a band comes to town, the groms plan to ditch work for the concert. However, things don't go as planned. With the Kahuna not available, Johnny and the groms take the Whalebus to town. But when Bummer finds out, they're all in for a surprise that may change the series as we know it!
Bad Board.png 19 19 "A Boy Named Leslie" April 22, 2010
Emma tries to ask Ty out, but fails when Kelly interferes. Reef's mom comes to stay at the resort and embarrasses him until he sets her up with the Kahuna, but Reef then fears it may turn into a real relationship.
Bummer and Captain Clam.png 20 20 "Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Clam?" April 29, 2010
In the name of revenge punkage, the groms try to steal Captain Clam's costume but end up with Captain Clam; Reef dates a girl from Fin's past to try and make Fin jealous. After ignoring Fin's advice about the girl, Reef finds his plan severely backfiring on him...
Drum Solo.png 21 21 "Slumber Party Animals" May 13, 2010
Lo's mom insists the girls come up to the penthouse to have a slumber party with her.
Baumer holdling a Chainsaw.png 22 22 "Endless Bummer" May 6, 2010
Bummer has a meltdown and Emma goes on a date with Johnny.
Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 3.20.43 PM.png 23 23 "Brofinger" May 20, 2010
Reef and Fin compete to get the attention of an energy drink sponsor. Broseph is tested, and Emma goes on a date with the human fart machine Ripper.
Bummer Faking.png 24 24 "A Prank Too Far" May 27, 2010
Reef and Broseph bombard Bummer with pranks and their greatest prank ever goes WAY too far. Emma uses questionable methods to get even with some very rude guests.
Kelly Kisses Ty.png 25 25 "The Pirate who Came to Lunch" June 3, 2010
Looking to sweet-talk her parents into taking her along on a family trip, Lo does lunch with her family and Ty's date, the awful Kelly. Broseph gets his hair braided and mysteriously loses his surfing skill.
Captain Ron's Golfing Resort.jpg 26 26 "The Day the Sea Stood Still" June 3, 2010
The ocean is flat! A sudden and extreme lack of waves starts to drive the groms stir crazy. Meanwhile, Mr. Ridgemount has a life-changing experience that causes him to believe that he needs to be kinder to his loved ones, which includes letting Lo come back to the Penthouse! But having gained true friends and experienced the simpler pleasures of a surf bum's life, can Lo go back to the way things were as if nothing had happened?

Season 2 (2010–13)

Image #
Title Canadian Air Date
S2 E1 Lo pushes Reef away before he can ruin Lo's lie.png 1 27 "The Make-Out Fake-Out" September 16, 2010
Lo runs into Curtis, who is a guy she dated the summer before but dumped later because he wasn't cute enough for her.
Stoked game.jpg 2 28 "Surf Surf Revolution" September 23, 2010
Reef is so busy teaching kooks surfing, he has no time to catch waves of his own.
Fin teaches Captain Ron.jpg 3 29 "The Captain, The Grom, His Job and Her Dream" September 30, 2010
After a terrible day on the job thanks to Lo's slacking and Reef's tormenting, Fin applies for a job as surf instructor with rival hotel owner Captain Ron.
Broseph-Noseph.jpg 4 30 "Will the Real Broseph Please Stand Up" October 7, 2010
Fin and Reef compete to see who will become special surf advisor to a hot young Hollywood star. But their plans go awry when the hunk chooses Broseph as his advisor and proceeds to steal Broseph's identity one step at a time.
Beaver Tail enjoyment.jpg 5 31 "I Like Beaver Butts and I Cannot Lie" October 14, 2010
Fin is stoked to compete against Reef and Broseph, but the dudes blow off their surf match to snack on Beaver Tails instead.
S2 E6 Reef and Johnny excited over 'Sick Day'.png 6 32 "Sick Day" November 5, 2010
When Emma sees Ty cleaning up after a littering surfer over Kelly's objections, Lo helps Emma by setting her up with Ty for beach clean-up duty, prompting a jealous Kelly to interfere.
S2 E7 Lo sees some footage of her and Reef.png 7 33 "Channel Surfers" November 18, 2010
Lo and Reef struggle to keep their new romantic relationship a secret from their friends amid several close calls.
S2 E8 The VIP guests arrive for their surf lession.png 8 34 "Grommy the Vampire Slayer" November 25, 2010
On a stormy night, Reef gets freaked out when he sees three mysterious figures outside the staff house and suspects that they are vampires.
Old Reef.png 9 35 "Grumpy Old Brahs" December 2, 2010
The groms believe that Broseph has become psychic and developed the ability to predict the location and size of waves because they don't know that one of Chester Grizzle's hearing aids has lodged itself inside Broseph's afro.
Fin cringes at Lo-Reef.jpg 10 36 "Hunka Hunka Burning Reef" December 9, 2010
Fin gets annoyed with Reef's new relationship with Lo.
Boardy Brotherhood is Born.png 11 37 "The Boardy Brotherhood" December 16, 2010
The guys find the most awesome pair of board shorts (ever!) at the surf shop and pool their money to buy them.
Stoked connie3.jpg 12 38 "Safety Last" December 30, 2010
Fearing lawsuits from injured guests, Bummer creates a hotel Safety Patrol...and makes all the groms sign up.
Hotel storm.jpg 13 39 "Clinging in the Rain" January 6, 2011
A monster Pacific storm is bearing down on Surfer's Paradise, and everyone evacuates...except for the groms, who get left behind thanks to slacker Broseph missing the evacuation order!
S2 E14 Reef New Hair Style.png 14 40 "My Fair Leslie" April 16, 2012
Mr. Ridgemount wants Lo to attend his art show. He's even set her up with a date. Lo gets out of the date by lying to her dad that her boyfriend Reef is actually smart, sophisticated, and plays the saxophone!
S2 E15 Ripper's back.png 15 41 "Browatch" September 22, 2012
Ripper is the life of the party at Surfer's Paradise, but when he's on lifeguard duty, he's all business. To loosen Ripper up, Broseph challenges him to a farting contest that goes horribly wrong.
Fin Tries to Hit a Ball.png 16 42 "Bad Sports" September 29, 2012
There's a job posting for Sport and Activities Director, and Fin decides to apply. Reef finds out that the job will make Fin his boss, so he applies for it too! An epic sports battle ensues; who will win the job?
S2 E17 Bummer introduces himself and asks for her shirt.png 17 43 "(500) Days of Bummer" October 6, 2012
Bummer falls in love with Chrissy, a guest at the hotel. But he won't ask her out, because it would violate his "No Dating the Guests" rule. The groms decide to play matchmaker, but have they done the wrong thing?
Board Split.jpg 18 44 "The Reefinator" October 13, 2012
Broseph eating a sandwich and getting sick over it, while Johnny makes a lot of bets regarding Reef getting into a fight.
Surf Video.jpg 19 45 "Dirty Little Secret, Nerdy Little Secrets" November 10, 2012
Gromfest is coming up, and Fin is in full training mode. But there's an unexpected challenger for her crown: Emma!
ReefChoose.png 20 46 "Sweet, Sweet, Meat Cheat" November 17, 2012
Lo decides to go vegetarian, and threatens to dump Reef if he doesn't join her. Unfortunately, Reef is a major meat-atarian, and his brahs Johnny and Broseph are tempting him with delicious meat from a local hot dog festival.
Baumer tells Reef hope you like prison food cause you're going away fro a long time.png 21 47 "To Catch a Reef" November 24, 2012
There's a thief stalking Surfer's Paradise, and Bummer wants Johnny and Broseph to hunt him down! Meanwhile, the normally broke Reef suddenly seems to have all kinds of money...
Lo and Snack Shack Dance.png 22 48 "Surfer's Got Talent" December 1, 2012
Bummer decides to up the entertainment value at the hotel by throwing a talent contest featuring the staff. The winner gets a four-day weekend, but to get it, they'll have to put on an amazing original show of talent.
No Defeat.jpg 23 49 "Groms on Strike" January 5, 2013
After a series of unfortunate mishaps, the groms finally get fed up with their living conditions and declare a strike! But when Bummer and the senior staff turn up the pressure on the groms to get back to work, will they stay united in the face of adversity?
Jemma.jpg 24 50 "Heartbreak Hotel" January 12, 2013
The guys get a rare weekend off, and Reef decides they'll take a manly dude weekend, to get in touch with their inner dude. Only one problem: Fin overhears their plans, and she wants in. Meanwhile, Lo and Emma try to sabotage Kelly and Ty's relationship.
ReefFiringParty.png 25 51 "All We Are Saying is Give Reef a Chance" January 19, 2013
Mr. Ridgemount's had enough of Lo dating a surf bum, and he offers her the bribe of a brand new car if she'll dump Reef. When Lo takes the car but keeps seeing Reef anyway, Mr. R vows to fire Reef.
GromFestHosts.png 26 52 "Gromfest" January 26, 2013
It's time for Gromfest, the most epic teen surf competition on the West Coast. Everyone's stoked to tear up some waves! Everyone, that is, except Johnny, who has to take care of a sick Bummer.


  • Each of the show's two seasons has 26-episodes, all of which have aired in Canada.
    • As of July 2010, only one season ever aired in the United States as the American version ended at "Endless Bummer".
  • Episode 6 "The Very Very Very Very Very Important Guest" accidentally aired out of production order, as Teletoon aired it as episode 4.
  • Teletoon accidentally aired "Groms Gone Wild" before its predecessor episodes.