Fin (first place in girls' category)
Broseph (first place in boys' category)
Fin, Broseph, Emma, Reef, Betty Sandstone and Kaylie

Gromfest is a surfing competition for teens which is one of the biggest to be shown somewhere along the line in the series.

The competition itself is mentioned throughout the series, but the actual competition doesn't occur until sometime near the end of the summer--out of all the characters in the series, the ones looking the most forward to the competition were Reef, Fin and Emma (Reef and Fin especially).

Known participants


  • "Gromfest" is a parody of events with the name _____fest (e.g., Oktoberfest)
  • It is supposed to happen twelve weeks and three days after "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!" first aired.
  • Lo and Johnny were the only ones of the main six to not compete in the competition—Johnny apparently was planning on entering the competition, but was forced into taking care of a sick-Bummer while it's never explained why Lo never entered.
    • The most likely reason is that Lo was ineligible to compete due to being the daughter of the owner of the hotel where the competition was being held. However, she roots Reef on and later Broseph, after she and Reef break up.


  • Known places in competition:'
    • Boys' category:
      • Broseph (1st-place--he got 10 out of 10).
      • Reef (2nd-place--he got 9.4 out of 10).
    • Girls' category:
      • Fin McCloud (1st-place--she got 9.6 out of 10).
      • Betty Sandstone (2nd-place--she was also the previous year's champion of the girls' division).
      • Emma (49th/second-to-last place).
      • Kaylie (50th/last place).
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