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The iPhone is a type of cellphone made by Apple Inc. They are commonly seen throughout the series, and nearly everyone shown to have a cellphone has an iPhone.

iPhone Owners (and color)

  1. Reef (Red)
  2. Lo (Purple)
  3. Emma (Light-Green)
  4. Johnny (Teal)
  5. Fin (Light-Blue)
  6. Broseph (Orange)
  7. George (Red)
  8. The Kahuna (White)
  9. Marshall (Dark-Blue)
  10. Stanley Stevens (Red)
  11. Mr. Ridgemount (Red)
  12. Mrs. Ridgemount (Red)
  13. Kianu Kole (Red)
  14. Bummer (Grey)
  15. Martha McCartney (Purple)
  16. Kelly (Pink in "Board and Confused", but red in "A Boy Named Leslie")
  17. Captain Ron (Yellow)
  18. Captain Clam (Yellow)


  • The iPhones are never actually mentioned by name, but it is revealed that they're iPhones due to their look, touchscreens and applications, coupled with the fact that they can take pictures.
  • Red seems to be a popular color for the iPhone on Stoked as seven characters have red iPhones.
  • The colors on the back are actually skins that come in many colors and designs.
  • Whenever someone uses one, the dial screen is shown even for texting, except for when using the camera.