Make-Out Fake-Out

Lo and Reef kissing under the moonlight.

The LoReef Relationship is based on the Season Two premiere, "The Make-Out Fake-Out". Though Lo has been trying to get Reef and Fin together since day one, there had been presumed hints that she had a small crush on him throughout Season One. Surprisingly, Reef is shown to be attracted to her too, shown in the second season title card and second season premiere.

Theme Song

Lo took Fin's original spot in the group shot in the Season Two title card, and she is now holding hands with Reef.

Charging into the Night

Lo and Reef hug when Broseph fixes the generator.

Penthouse of Horror

Lo hid behind Reef from the "Ghost Surfer". Reef grabbed Lo's hand to guide her to safety and away from the Ghost. Lo hid her face in Reef's chest while Fin reveals who the Ghost Surfer really is.

Mr. Wahine

Lo helped Reef dress as a girl, and didn't tell Fin!

Grand Theft Whale Bus

Lo puts her elbow on Reef's shoulder. Reef tells Lo that wonder they're still doom, and she agrees with him.

The Make-Out Fake-Out

The episode with the most Lo/Reef to date, as well as the first official sign of a romantic relationship between the two. Lo uses Reef as her fake boyfriend because her ex-boyfriend Curtis is dating Fin. When Fin tells them to prove that they're dating, they start making out (although Lo does so unwillingly). At the end, they come close to kissing again, after they admit that the first kiss wasn't so bad, but when Reef asks about the snack fridge she had first offered to get him to go along with her plan, a furious Lo responds by aggressively shoving Reef to the ground and storming off.

Channel Surfers

Lo and Reef try to keep their relationship a secret from their friends and the rest of the hotel staff, but are exposed thanks to a remote security camera catching them and broadcasting their activities on the Internet. George uses this discovery to make trouble for Lo yet again by showing the online video to their father, who then vows to break up the relationship by any means necessary.

Hunka Hunka Burning Reef

Lo and Reef's romantic relationship annoys Fin, who attempts to intervene on Reef's behalf when he gets treated poorly and taken for granted by Lo at times. Lo begins competing with Fin for Reef's attention as she attempts to win Reef over with bribes of new boardshorts, a rare video game and the use of her Jeep, but an attempt to get Reef to choose who he likes best (when she and Fin try pretending to drown to see who Reef would rescue first) backfires when she and Fin both end up getting in trouble for real and Reef finds out about Fin and Lo's scheme to get him to choose between them. After Fin saves Lo from actually drowning, the two make up as they agree that they should not have let Reef come between them and their friendship. Lo says they'll stay together until she can find someone cuter and then kisses him on the cheek, to which Reef seems ecstatic at and says, "Pity date! Yes!"

Boardy Brotherhood

While shopping with the girls, Johnny, and Broseph, Reef insults a shirt Lo likes and she calls him a "store mannequin dummy that can talk." When the boys find an expensive pair of board shorts they all want, Reef calls Lo his "sugar mama" and asks her to buy the shorts for him. Lo refuses as she finds the three gross boys sharing one pair of shorts gross.

Clinging in the Rain

While the other groms after surfing, Reef is busy burying Lo in the sand. After running off to find lotion for his girlfriend, he is taunted by a surfing Fin who calls him a landlubber and teasingly asks if the water's too rough for him. Reef drops the lotion and goes to surf with Fin, forgetting about Lo who is buried in the sand and being surrounded by seagulls. During the storm, Reef still hasn't remembered he forgot his girlfriend in the sand and locks himself up with Fin. When the two drift out to sea, they are almost killed before being saved by an angry and disheveled Lo.

My Fair Leslie

Lo is forced to attend an art show by her parents and is set up with Snack Shack as Mr. Ridgemount thinks Reef is a slacker and a surf bum. Lo lies and says his real name is Leslie and that he has nice manners, thinks of others before himself, he comes from a wealthy family and he's almost a genius. She also says that he plays smooth rock saxophone. Mr. Ridgemount caves after hearing this and says that he would like to meet "Leslie." Reef refuses to go the party after learning that Lo's parents are going to be there, but agrees to go after learning there will be lots of shrimp. Throughout the entire episode, Lo tries to make Reef into a cultured and sophisticated young man. At the party, Reef (going by Leslie) continuously reveals Lo's lies about himself and embarrasses her, but manages to gain Mr. Ridgemount's respect after he shows that he really can play smooth rock on the saxophone.

Sweet, Sweet, Meat Cheat

When Lo decides to go vegetarian, she forces meat-loving Reef to go vegetarian too. He doesn't want to, especially since there is a hot dog festival in town too, but agrees to, though he secretly continues to eat meat. After a big misunderstanding, Fin believes that Reef is cheating on Lo with a guest who doesn't speak any English and Lo believes that Reef is cheating on her with Fin.

Groms on Strike

At first, Reef wants to join the strike but is stopped by Lo, who refuses to join and thinks that strikes and unions are a waste of time. After Lo sees a hairy soap bar, she joins and lets Reef join too. Lo leaves the group after they are kicked out of staff housing and she returns to the Penthouse to spend the night, but she eventually sees her faults and blackmails Bummer into doing something about staff house and employee conditions. The groms triumph as Bummer ends the lockout, but their victory is a hollow one as Lo is the only one to benefit (when she gets a new bar of soap in the staff house bathroom).

All We Are Saying is Give Reef a Chance

In the beginning of the episode, Reef and Lo go on a "love drive" on a stolen golf cart and drive all around the golf course, almost hitting Lo's father. Mr. Ridgemount gives Lo a brand new luxury convertible as long as she breaks up with Reef. Fin tells her not to do it, but Lo calls Reef and easily breaks up with him. Later, Lo is seen driving her new car around the hotel and Reef jumps in, showing that the two have gotten back together. After Fin reveals that Reef is going to be fired, the two girls try their best to help Reef keep his job. While Reef is risking his life to keep his job, Lo tells her father she doesn't want the car. After Reef saves George's hedgehog, Mr. Ridgemount says that he thinks more of Reef now and even calls him "son" to which Lo yells, "What does that mean? Daddy?!"

Grom Fest

The two officially break up after Lo realizes that Reef cares about his hair and her equally. Later, Lo is seen holding up a poster with Reef's face and a red line through it. Around the bonfire, after Gromfest, Lo says that anyone can have him and that Lo Ridgemount is officially a single woman.


  • There are many other Lo/Reef moments, including when Lo flirts with Reef at Reef's request to test if she could sweet-talk Bummer into going on a blind date with Kelly.
  • This is the third love triangle in the show, the others being Johnny/Emma/Ty and Emma/Ty/Kelly. It is also considered the main love triangle in Season Two.
  • A Lo-Fin Conflict began in "Grumpy Old Brahs", as it is presumed that Fin still has feelings for Reef.
  • This was originally believed to be a one-off storyline, as nothing Lo/Reef-related happened after "The Make-Out Fake-Out", but a return to the ReeFin relationship at a certain level took place until "Channel Surfers", when the Lo/Reef relationship played a key role in that episode.
  • Reef and Lo kissed five times in Season Two.
  • This relationship rivals the Reef-Fin Relationship.
  • Many fans of the show have complained that Reef and Lo should not be a couple, let alone have a relationship, because of Lo's mistreatment of Reef, taking him for granted and possessiveness toward him as well as her bad behavior toward Fin, Johnny and Emma regarding the relationship during the Season Two episodes where the relationship was prominently featured.
    • Most fans prefer the pairing of Reef and Fin.


  • Lo and Reef after they kiss in the moonlight.
  • The new Season 2 title card with Reef and Lo.
  • Lo hides her face in Reef's chest to avoid seeing a ghost.
  • Lo gets behind Reef because she needs someone to protect her.
  • Reef laughing at Lo
  • Lo is sweet-talking to Reef.
  • Lo holds onto Reef's Arm and put her face on Reef's Shoulder
  • Reef and Lo Kissing
  • Kissing
  • Slick
  • Hug
  • kiss on the cheek
  • Proof Lo and Reef's relationship is officially over
  • Roasting Marshmallows
  • Eeeeeewww! They were tounge kissing.
  • They kissed Again?!
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