Mr. Ridgemount
Mr. Ridgemount - Profile
Job: Owner of the Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort and the Ridgemount Resorts hotel chain.
Age: Early to mid-40s
Family: Mrs. Ridgemount (wife), Lo (daughter), Ty, George (sons)
Likes: Smooth Rock Saxophone
Dislikes:  ?
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Voice Actor: Jamie Watson
First Appearance: Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!

Mr. Ridgemount is the owner, founder and head of the Ridgemount Resorts hotel chain and father of Lo, Ty and George Ridgemount.

He is said to be normally lenient towards his daughter, usually letting her get away with anything. However, in "Another Grom Bites the Dust", she is majorly punished by him for allowing an end-of-school party she threw at Surfer's Paradise to get out of control, as he gave her a job at the hotel and sent her to live in the staff house in order to prove herself to be responsible.




  • Mr. Ridgemount's face has never been shown (although it has been partly shown), as it is blocked by objects or he is turned around. He is shown to be very tall, with a solid build and possibly a square jaw. His appearance may be based on that of 6teen character Coach Halder.
  • His right eye twitches when he becomes very angry about something.
  • Has green eyes.
  • Most of the time when he is seen, he is angry or in a bad mood.
  • He worked his way through college as a golf caddy.
  • He either met his wife while attending rock concerts or took her to concerts while they were dating.
  • He was in the army for 10 years.
  • His face was shown once in "Endless Bummer," but it was mostly shaded.
  • His main rival in the hotel business is Captain Ron.
  • He and Captain Ron have been competing in everything, like tennis, swimming, boat racing, the stock market and even who has the most children (that's at least part of the reason why he and Mrs. Ridgemount had their son, George).
    • He hates losing to Captain Ron in any kind of activity; he must always come out on top, no matter what.
  • He has never been seen at the staff house, indicating that he may be unaware of the decrepit condition of the facility where he sent Lo to stay for the summer.
  • Mentioned in "The Day the Sea Stood Still" that he has a mid-morning steak every day.
  • There are uncomfirmed rumors the his first name may be James, source IMDB



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