No Pants Lance
Job: Lifeguard
Friends: Ripper, Broseph, Johnny, other seniors.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Voice Actor: Cory Doran
First Appearance: Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!

Like Ripper, "No Pants" Lance is another returning employee at Surfer's Paradise Resort. Both he and Ripper are considered to be best friends. He is mostly seen surfing in the morning at The Office.

When we first see Lance, he is on the porch laughing at Ripper's farting. Lance is also seen as being not very smart, possibly the reason why he enjoys Ripper's company. Lance's job at the resort is being a lifeguard on the beach.


  • His nickname refers to the fact that he always wears swimming trunks.
  • Lance has a PSP (Playstation Portable).
  • Lance doesn't work well under pressure.
  • Lance may have a Bromance with Ripper, because they are close friends and are always seen together and bunk in the same room and enjoy farting.
  • Lance may like the smell of of Ripper's farts seen in "O Broseph, Where Art Thou?", "Chum Music" and "A Boy Named Leslie".
  • Lance's tattoo changes from arm to arm through out the series.
  • Heard in the first episode to have a goofy laugh.
  • He wears a shell necklace.
  • He appears to be shorter than Ripper.
  • In "Sweet, Sweet, Meat Cheat", he was seen driving the Whale Bus.
  • In "Surfer's Got Talent", he was seen to have a band with Ripper called "Air Pollution".
  • He was briefly seen skateboarding in "My Fair Leslie".



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