Reef and Fin have very conflicting opinions about surfing (e.g. Reef claims that males are better surfers than females) and almost never get along, but there are hints throughout the show that they have feelings for each other.

Theme Song

At the end of the opening montage in Season One, Reef has his arm around Fin and she leans on him slightly, implying a possible relationship. This changes in the Season Two opening montage, when Fin is shown standing apart from Reef, over on the opposite side of the group shot in the last scene of the montage, while Lo is now standing in Fin's original spot and is holding hands with Reef.

Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!

The two first meet on the Resort bus. When Fin finds out that Reef got the job she wanted this starts a fight between the two about whether girls can surf as well as boys. They decide to compete in Gromfest at the end of the summer to see who is the better surfer. While they are repairing the pool chairs, Reef ask Johnny if he thinks Fin likes him. However, when Johnny looks up and sees that Fin is scowling angrily at Reef, he says that he doesn't think so. When Reef thinks Johnny is right he looks disappointed. At the Staff dorm when the issue of someone getting fired comes up Fin thinks Reef will be first to go, starting yet another fight between the two. After this episode Reef starts flirting with blondes, supposedly because Fin is a blonde also.

Waves of Cheese

Fin Reef moment

Fin Reef moment

In "Waves of Cheese", Fin denies her feelings for Reef

When Fin finds out that Reef is using lines from a 1990s surf flick called Break Point to hit on a female guest named Blair, she is furious. At movie night at the Big Wave Theatre, Fin asks the Kahuna to show Break Point to expose Reef's plan to Blair, his date for the movie.

Lo, Emma and Fin are in a hotel room and try to get her to admit that she has a crush on Reef. Lo calls her "obsessed" with him and says "Whatever, you totally love him. You want to marry him! You want to have a hundred of his little surfer babies!" Fin becomes annoyed and denies everything, insisting that she is only looking out for Blair and all other victims of Reef's tricks (including cheesy pickup lines).

When Blair sees the movie and realizes what Reef had done, she is furious with Reef, dumping nachos on his head and telling Fin she can have her "boyfriend" back. Both are shocked and hastily deny they are at all interested in the other. At the end of the episode, Reef tells Fin he doesn't plan on repeating what he did to Blair since he doesn't want Fin mad at him. Fin is pleased until he asks if using TV quotes is alright, which prompts a furious Fin to push Reef into the water.

Fast Times when the Rip Tide's High

Reef and Fin get into another argument about who is the better surfer, sparking a surf-off between the two of them. While surfing, Reef attempts to make Fin fall off her board by jumping onto it and tickling her. She knees him in the groin and pulls his trunks down. In the mayhem, they both end up falling off and along with their boards get sucked into a riptide that carries them far from the shore.

After drifting for hours, they see what appears to be a deserted island. Reef panics, believing they are going to die. They end up getting into another fight, this time over who can survive longer. Fin excels at survival, building a hut and catching a dozens of large fish as well as building a fire. Reef only catches one tiny fish and fails at building a hut, much to his chagrin.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Lo and Emma start a rumor among their friends that Fin and Reef cut work to hook up.

On the island, Fin gets stung on the foot by a jellyfish. Reef tells her that the only thing she can do to make the pain stop is to pee on it. She says that there's no way she can pee on her own feet. He offers to pee on it for her, if she gives him some of her food. She grudgingly accepts.

They are shown afterward sitting back-to-back, Fin laments that she actually let Reef pee on her leg. The conversation becomes serious, and Reef says that though Fin "drives him crazy," he doesn't mind being stranded with her. She says that if they are going to die, it would be nice to kiss someone one more time. Reef's eyes widen when he realizes what she means. They are about to kiss when Emma, Lo, Broseph and Johnny discover them and inform them that they are a short walk from the hotel.

Fin says that "what happens on the island stays on the island." Reef asks her if it all has to stay on the island, to which she giggles and says, "We'll see."

Reef And That Evil Totem


Reef and Fin came close to kissing.

At the beginning of the episode, Broseph and Johnny ask Reef how things are with him and Fin. Reef says that she acted like nothing had happened that morning and had returned to her taunting of him, and explains that he did the same thing because she was doing it. Broseph and Johnny said Reef made a bad move. Reef arrogantly says that soon he and Fin will be back on track.

When Fin compliments Reef on his totem pendant (which he took from a nook in a waterfall), Reef believes it is his lucky charm. Immediately after she leaves, his trunks fall unbeknownst to him, and George takes a picture of him. Fin is later shown laughing at the picture and teasing Reef about it, much to his indignation.

Charging into the Night

When stuck in the basement with the power off, then gang hears a noise. They all run away and Reef grabs Fin's hand as she runs. He of course later uses her as a human shield from the ‘Vampires’ but he looks sorry later. Reef also has a concerned look on his face when Fin screams and grabs her head as if she's in pain, though this turned out to be brain freeze from eating the ice cream. His concerned look stays on as a spider descends from the ceiling and lands on Fin's head and she has no idea about the spider.

Boards of Glory

Fin and Reef are forced to pair up to win a surf contest for the hotel. While training Reef drops Fin and dislocates her shoulder, causing her to go to the ER. While she is being wheeled away Reef apologize over and over and Fin uses her good arm to try to choke Reef. Right when she's in the ambulance, Reef promises her that when she's well, he'll take her out on the best dinner she's ever had (proving he wants to go out with her). In the end Reef gives Fin some fake flowers. At first Fin refuses (earlier that morning she explains to Emma that Reef picked her some wildflowers, but they had poison ivy) but then takes them and say "You're lucky you're kinda cute." Reef happily responds "I knew you thought I was cute!" Fin answers "I said kind of" at the last second before the episode cuts off, as Reef smiles at her comment.

Chum Music

Reef tries to get Fin to join his surf crew by hitting on her and using sexist comments, but Fin beats Reef up for his comments.

Penthouse of Horror

While waiting for Broseph to pick the lock with a fish bone, Reef and Fin play frisbee. Reef wants Fin to stay in the VIP Suite with him to prove that it is not haunted. When they are stuck in the haunted room they fight continuously and Reef said since their going to die they should make out. When Fin is about to get attacked by the ghost Reef carries her to safety. When they are in the bedroom hiding from the ghost Reef touches Fin's butt. She has a weirded-out look, then an angry look and told him to "!", but Reef blames it on the ghost. At the end of the episode, Reef keeps the haunted room key hoping he'll need it someday, since he looks at Fin when saying this it could mean he hopes to use the room with her.

Mr. Wahine

Ep. 17

Fin trying to trick Reef

The first thing Reef and Fin do is start fighting, then they make a bet. Loser buys lunch for the winner, which is another little hint that they want to go out. Fin later says she knew Sandy Beaches was really Reef the whole time, but in order to get him out of his clothes (as Sandy), she stripped to her bra and panties. Reef (Sandy Beaches) also called Fin "girlfriend".

Grand Theft Whale Bus

When the groms stop to pick up the Tropic Tan surf models, Reef flirts with them by saying that there's only one seat left right by him. But Fin ruins it by saying there's plenty of room so they don't have to sit anywhere near him. Then she glances at Reef and teasingly says "You're welcome". When they go out for a session, Reef wipes out when he looks at the models, Fin just rolls her eyes and has that "wow, really" look on.

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Clam?

Reef becomes jealous when he sees Fin talking to a guy she saw surfing. He in turn tries to go out with a girl to make her jealous. The girl turns out to be mentally unstable and Reef needs Fin's help to get out of that relationship, but she wants him to admit that he just wanted to make her jealous.

Grommy the Vampire Slayer

Reef has a picture of Fin in a purple bikini on his camera--when she, Emma and Johnny see the picture, he immediately takes the camera and claims that someone else must have taken that picture using his camera.

Hunka Hunka Burning Reef

Fin becomes annoyed with Reef and Lo's romantic relationship and attempts to intervene on Reef's behalf when he gets treated poorly and taken for granted by Lo at times. Fin begins competing with Lo for Reef's attention as she attempts to win Reef over with bribes of food, but an attempt to get Reef to choose who he likes best (when she and Lo try pretending to drown to see who Reef would rescue first) backfires when she and Lo both end up getting in trouble for real and Reef finds out about Fin and Lo's scheme to get him to choose between them. Fin angrily states that she will never, ever compete for Reef's attention ever again.

Clinging in the Rain

Early in the episode, Reef abandons Lo, who is buried in the sand and being surrounded by seagulls, in order to surf with Fin. Later, during Tropical Storm Bingo, the two lock themselves in the surf hut and fight with each other. After Reef opens the door and floods the hut, the two cling to a surfboard and Reef calls her beautiful. They almost kiss before being rescued by an angry Lo.

Bad Sports

When the position of "Sports and Activities Director" becomes available, Reef initially doesn't care, even when he learns that Fin's trying out for the job--he only starts to care when Broseph informs him that if Fin ends up getting the job, it would technically make her Reef's boss. Reef then becomes adamant about getting the job (or at least making sure Fin doesn't get it), and they compete against each other for the position. In the end, they both end up losing to Lo's older brother, Ty (according to Bummer, Ty was apparently going to get the job anyway, as it was literally made for him).

The Reefinator

While pretending to be a muscleman after accidentally breaking Emma's board, Reef cuts in front of Fin at the Snack Shack. Fin asks Reef why everyone is letting him but in, then he says that they're letting The Reefinator go first. Fin calls him a chicken, but Reef shushes her so they don't hear. He pulls her aside and says that he's simply faking to get attention. Fin will not tolerate it and then threatens to tell everyone. Reef mentions that The Office privileges are at stake and Fin can't do anything because she doesn't want to lose the Office either. After a fight with Jimmy is planned, Reef asks Fin for advice, but she refuses to help. Reef tells her that he thought betties knew all about self-defense. She threatens to mess him up if he calls her a betty again. He begs her for help and Fin caves, agreeing to help him. She tries to help him, but only manages to get him beaten up.

Sweet, Sweet, Meat Cheat

When Lo goes vegetarian and coerces Reef into also becoming a vegetarian, he goes to Fin for help. After a misinterpretation, Fin believes that Reef is cheating on Lo and follows him, trying to dig up proof. When she finds who she believes to be Reef's other girlfriend, she calls Lo and tries to rat Reef out, but Lo, thinking that both her friend and her boyfriend are acting weird, mistakenly deducts that Reef is cheating on her with Fin.

All We Are Saying is Give Reef a Chance

When Fin sees Reef and Lo kissing, she is visibly uncomfortable. While talking to Mr. Ridgemount about the couple, Fin asks what possible relationship Reef and Lo could have together, but then kind of recants on that and says that he couldn't be that bad of a son-in-law before Reef almost runs over Mr. Ridgemount. While talking to Emma, Fin's angry about what Lo did to Reef, apparently choosing over a car over her boyfriend. Emma figures that Fin must be happy because Reef is now back on the market. While defensive at first, Fin basically admits that she does have feelings for him. She's upset when she sees Reef and Lo hooking up again and inadvertently tells Mr. Ridgemount, who then plans on firing Reef. Fin becomes guilty and tries to help Reef keep his job. She manages to save him from falling to his death from the top of the Ridgemount penthouse.

Grom Fest


Their Kiss

Fin finally kisses Reef, for which he is very delighted, and he begs Fin for another kiss. Also, when Lo says anyone can have him, Fin says "Really?" excitedly.



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