Real Name: TBA
Job: Lifeguard
Friends: No Pants Lance, Seniors, Groms, Ty
Talents: Playing Guitar, Surfing
Likes: Emma, Surfing, Pranking people
Hair Color: Blue w/ black
Eye Color: Blue
Voice Actor: Sergio Di Zio
First Appearance: Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!

Ripper is a returning employee at Surfers Paradise Resort. He works with No Pants Lance and Reef at the water sports section. Ripper's best-known quality is that he farts a lot. He speaks with an Australian accent, comes from Australia, and wishes to be a great surfer one day. In "Board and Confused", he and Lance tortured Reef the most.

However, Ripper has a soft side. In "Brofinger", Ripper goes out with Emma for a few dates. Sadly though, No Pants Lance becomes lonely without his buddy. Emma sees this and Ripper and Emma break up on even terms.


  • His nickname comes from the term "Ripping Off."
  • He has a crush on Emma, as it says that they go on a date in a future episode.
  • In "Board and Confused", Ripper is shown playing guitar.
  • Ripper's cellphone is a Blackberry Pearl bronze color.
  • He is the fifth named character to be seen, and the first non-main character.
    • He is also the second character to be seen surfing (Broseph was the first, seen in the video).
  • In "A Boy Named Leslie", he helped Lo and Emma try to sabotage Kelly's date with Lo's brother Ty by supplying them with rancid cheese curds spiked with a fast-acting laxative with which to top the poutine that Kelly ordered for dinner.