This page is about the similarities of Stoked to the Total Drama series (Island/Action/World Tour/Revenge of the Island/All-Stars/Pahkitew Island).


  • Both love to surf.
  • They are known to be a bit of a klutz.
  • Both wear their hair in ponytails.
  • Both are voiced by the same actor, Kristin Fairlie.
  • Both are friendly.
  • They hate the snob.


  • Both have a fear of heights.
  • Both are the big guys of the group.
  • Both have short hair and beards.
  • Both have dark skin.
  • Both wear short sleeves.
  • Both are friendly.


  • Both are chilled out.
  • Ride some type of board, Geoff has hinted to surf; so they both surf as well.
  • Both have blonde hair.
  • Both wear shorts and sandals.

Bummer/Chris Maclean

  • Both abuse/mistreat the staff/campers.
  • Both love their job.
  • Both have an assistant (Chef and Johnny).

Mr. Ridgemount/Chef Hatchet

  • Both are usually angry and yell constantly.
  • Both of their first names have yet to be revealed.


  • Both are snobbish.
  • Both are bossy and selfish.
    • Both cause trouble for others (e.g. Lindsay and Lo).
    • Both really have no friends.
    • Because of their generally bad attitudes, hardly anyone actually likes or trusts them.
  • Both created an alliance which was eventually destroyed.
    • Unlike Heather's alliance, Kelly's alliance was created and destroyed in the same episode.
    • Both got angry when their alliance was destroyed.
  • Both have been seen wearing a sleeveless top.
  • Both have dark hair.

Snack Shack/Owen

  • Both love to eat.
  • Both are fat.


  • Both are known for their constant flatulence.


  • Both are in love with a girl that hates them in the beginning (Fin and Courtney).
  • Both are immature and cause trouble.
  • Both wear a necklace.
  • Both are selfish and arrogant.
  • Both have hair that stick up.
  • Both are rebels.
  • Both are friends with Brickhouse and Party Animal.

Fin McCloud/Bridgette

  • Both have blonde hair.
  • Both love to surf.

Fin McCloud/Courtney

  • Both can be violent.
  • Both have a friend.
    • Fin is friends with Emma, Courtney is friends with Bridgette.
  • Both deny their crush.
    • Fin denies liking Reef, Courtney denies liking Duncan.
  • Both are bossy.
  • Both have the same hair style (although they have different hair colors).

Lo Ridgemount/Lindsay

  • Both are spoiled.
  • Both get bullied by the mean girl.
  • Both love shopping.
  • Both are very friendly.
  • Both occasionally engage in flirting.
  • Both have older siblings.

Martha McCartney/Eva

  • Both are anti-social.
  • Both hate the surfer girl and the brickhouse.
  • Both got angry after being sent home.


  • They are very bossy.
  • They have the same hair style.
  • They have almond shaped eyes.

Shep/Chris Maclean

Amber Green/Izzy

  • Both are redheads.
  • Both are mentally unstable and engage in bizarre behavior.


  • They both have dark skin.
  • They are both intimidating at times.
  • They are both obese.
  • They both have a fear of spiders.
  • They both like the rich princess.
  • They both hate the snob.
  • They both wear short sleeves.

Tuna McGillis/Geoff


  • Like Tuna, both are voiced by Dan Petronijevic.

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