Tropical Tan models
The Tropical Tan Models are a group of four spokesmodels who work for the Tropical Tan Company, a sun protection manufacturer which also makes suntan lotions. They are around 16-18 years of age, and are stunningly hot.


  • Dirty blonde - a baby blue bikini with a white flower on top
  • Brown haired one - a pink bikini
  • Redhead - an orange-red bikini
  • Brunette - a teal bikini


  • They can fake being impressed with a guy (Reef)'s surfing.
  • They were taught by both Reef and Fin, which, according to them, paid off when they went to Hawaii on tour.
  • Often, they can be seen as background characters in episodes like "Grand Theft Whale Bus".
  • The models have the same facial structure, only with different looks and voices.
  • The blonde does the most talking. The brunette only speaks in "Heartbreak Hotel". The other two speak at least thrice each.
  • The redhead is Nana's granddaughter, as seen in "Sick Day".
  • The brunette resembles Mrs. Nichols, albeit with brighter hair.
  • Six females appearing in "A Boy Named Leslie" resemble the models, though it's never revealed if the six are also a part of Tropical Tan. One of the six is Mrs. Nichols.


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