Girls of Stoked

The Girls of Stoked.


I love Lo, but not the Lo-Reef relationship.

Kelly lovestruck

I could imagine this as Kelly's reaction after dating my fanfic OC, David, for the first time.

Fashionable Fin-02

My first attempt at Stoked art, a picture of a casually-dressed Fin.

Fashionable Kelly-02

Kelly dresses up for a night on the town.

About me

I've been a contributor to the Stoked Wiki since January 2010 and have enjoyed the show since it premiered. I also write Stoked fiction over at as WhazzupPeeps.

Stoked canon pairings I support:
1. ReeFin (naturally)
2. Johnny & Emma
3. Lo & Broseph (now officially canon as of "Grom Fest")

Stoked canon pairings I don't support:
1. Lo & Reef (now thankfully, and finally, history as of "Grom Fest")
2. Ty & Kelly (thankfully now history, thanks to Ty dumping Kelly for Emma)

Stoked fanon pairings I support:
1. Kelly & David (okay, a little biased here because David's my fanfic OC :D )

What I'm doing at this time

Just posted Chapter Nine of "Trouble Comes Calling", my Stoked story at

Stoked OC biographies (from my profile)


Name: David Hughes

First appearance: "Luck Has a Way", written by me.

Story(ies) featured in: "Luck Has a Way", "Starstruck and Wavestruck", "A Stoked Christmas", "Old Rivals", "I'm Here for You" and "Butter with Your Popcorn?" by me, "Summer, Surf, and Mermaids" by Emperor of the Animal Kingdom and "Soul Surfer" by Emperor of the Animal Kingdom and Woahnessness.

Nickname: None

Age: 22 (as of "Butter with Your Popcorn?")

Gender: Male

Hair: Jet black, moderate-length, shaggy (similar to what Trent from Total Drama has).

Eye color: Blue

Physical: 6'3", 217 lbs., with lean muscular build and fair complexion.

Clothes: CASUAL: Teal polo shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. SEMI-FORMAL: Off-white sport coat and trousers with navy blue dress shirt, or dark sport coat and trousers with red dress shirt. SWIMWEAR: Black boardshorts with patterns in neon colors of blue and green.

Bio: Born, raised and lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Recently graduated from the University of Victoria with an undergraduate degree in business. Currently interning with his father's business in Victoria. First appeared at Surfer's Paradise hotel on vacation, where he first met Kelly while she was on duty at the Pirate Ship restaurant, then asked her out on a date and clicked with her. Bought the Big Wave Theatre from the Kahuna, expanded it from one screen to five screens and renamed it the Paramount, a name the theatre previously had before Kahuna first bought it.

Surfing Skills: 7

Personality: Cool, laid-back and sociable would best describe his personality. Although he does not seek to be popular, he finds that he makes friends easily and gets along with nearly everyone he meets. Also fair-minded, reasonable, honest and a tactful straight-shooter. Not easily angered, but on rare occasions when he is, he keeps his cool and does not resort to mean-spiritedness.

Likes: Playing acoustic guitar, listening to jazz, Latin (mainly Cuban jazz and Brazilian) and chillout music, hockey, retro cars, coffee houses, hanging out with friends, Kelly.

Dislikes: Conceited people, braggarts (both of which has occasionally put him at odds with Reef), injustice.

Friends: Kelly, Fin, Broseph, Lo, Emma, Johnny, Ripper, No-Pants Lance, the Kahuna, Greg, Ash, Bonnie.

Enemies: Rebekka Drake (one-sided on his side), Bummer.

Family: Father, mother, younger brother (Trevor, introduced in "Stoked: Year Two").


Rebekka Drake-02

Rebekka Drake, Kelly's high school archrival (and one of my OCs).


Name: Rebekka Drake

First appearance: "Old Rivals", written by me.

Story(ies) featured in: "Old Rivals", "Butter with Your Popcorn?" (cameo in final chapter) and "Trouble Comes Calling"

Nickname: None

Age: 19 (as of "Butter with Your Popcorn?")

Gender: Female

Hair: Sandy-blonde, long (about waist-length), with bangs swept to one side and a hairband (similar to the style worn by Blair, Reef's one-time fling).

Eye color: Green

Physical: 5'6", with slim curvy build and fair complexion.

Clothes: Generally varies, but she prefers to dress stylishly.

Bio: Born and raised in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Now splits her time between Victoria and Whistler, British Columbia. Oldest daughter of an affluent family. Attended private school during her early years until she transferred to a public high school in Nanaimo in time to begin Grade 10. Was the leader of a clique of snobby rich girls through her high school years. Was also the captain of her school's cheerleading squad. Talks with a slight Valley Girl accent. Began a rivalry with fellow student Kelly in Grade 12 after her then-boyfriend, Bobby Foreman, dumped her and began dating Kelly. With her clique, harassed Kelly until Bobby intervened and forced her to stop. Returned to private school to finish out her senior year when she was suspended from public school for pulling a cruel prank on Kelly during a Homecoming event. Still harbors a grudge against Kelly. Has a younger sister, Sabrina (who hid her family relationship from the Surfer's Paradise gang and the hotel staff by assuming the last name Dunn when she went to work at the hotel). On a tip from Sabrina (who told her Kelly was working at the hotel), came to Surfer's Paradise on vacation and resumed her feud with Kelly by proceeding to target Reef, Fin and the rest of the Surfer's Paradise gang with manipulation, deceit, false accusations, intimidation and even physical assaults until Kelly stopped her, followed by her arrest by the RCMP for her actions against Kelly and company. Currently on probation for two years as punishment for her crimes against Kelly and her friends after pleading guilty on reduced charges thanks to a plea-bargain and is now banned from returning to Surfer's Paradise or any part of Sunset Island.

Personality: Snobby, self-centered, selfish, manipulative, two-faced, scheming, mean-spirited and vindictive. Enjoys causing trouble for any reason she sees fit for anyone she does not like. Also enjoys gloating to her enemies when her schemes are successful or when they are unable to stop her from executing those schemes. Thinks nothing of stealing other girls' boyfriends, using them and dumping them on a whim. Occasionally throws a fit when she doesn't get her way, but she is more likely to plot revenge against whoever she thinks has wronged her, whether the slight is real or imagined. Hates dogs because, for as long as she can remember, dogs do not like her and have reacted negatively toward her due to perception of her character.

Likes: Living in luxury, shopping, cheerleading (when in school), being the centre of attention, getting what she wants, using people for her purposes, manipulating others to do her bidding, looking down on and bullying others beneath her social status. Since crossing paths with Kelly again, now tries to romantically pursue David whenever she gets the chance, though David does not feel the same way about her due to his loyalty to Kelly.

Dislikes: People who stand up to her, not getting her way, clothing styles she considers unfashionable, dogs, Kelly.

Friends: Had some friends who were members of her high school clique, otherwise currently unknown.

Enemies: Kelly, David Hughes (one-sided on David's side), Reef, Fin, Broseph, Lo, Emma, Johnny, Greg, Ash, Brianna (and her dog), Mr. Ridgemount.

Family: Father, mother, younger sister (Sabrina, introduced in "Stoked: Year Two", relationship revealed in "Butter with Your Popcorn?").



Name: Greg Kahale

First appearance: "Stoked: Year Two", written by me.

Story(ies) featured in: "Stoked: Year Two", "Too Many Cooks", "Butter with Your Popcorn?" and "Trouble Comes Calling"

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Hair: Jet black, short, curly.

Eye color: Dark brown

Physical: 6'3", 310 lbs., with heavyset build and medium-brown complexion.

Clothes: CASUAL: Hawaiian shirts, blue jean shorts and sneakers. SWIMWEAR: Boardshorts with patterns similar to his Hawaiian shirts.

Bio: Native Hawaiian born, raised and living in Honolulu. Learned surfing at an early age and improved his skills on the waves over time. First appeared at Surfer's Paradise hotel with several other new groms to take jobs at the hotel and replace departed staff. Put his surfing skills to work at the Office after he and fellow groms Trevor, Ash and Bonnie won the right to surf there after passing grom initiation, despite an attempt by other new grom Sabrina to cheat her way to the Office and prevent the others from getting their shot. Works at the Snack Shack food hut at the hotel pool, replacing the departed Snack Shack. Knows how to cook Hawaiian dishes. Speaks fluent Hawaiian and Spanish in addition to English.

Surfing Skills: 8

Personality: Laid-back, outgoing and sociable. Also has a quick wit, which he put to use to get the better of Sabrina after she tried insulting him on the trip to Surfer's Paradise on the Whalebus.

Likes: Surfing, cooking, hanging out with friends.

Dislikes: Bullies.

Friends: Reef, Fin, Broseph, Lo, Emma, Johnny, Ripper, Kelly, David, the Kahuna, Trevor, Ash, Bonnie.

Enemies: Sabrina, Bummer, Rebekka.

Family: Father, mother, three brothers and two sisters.



Name: Sabrina Dunn (AKA Sabrina Drake)

First appearance: "Stoked: Year Two", written by me.

Story(ies) featured in: "Stoked: Year Two", "Too Many Cooks", "Butter with Your Popcorn?" and "Trouble Comes Calling"

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hair: Platinum blonde, shoulder-length, straight, with bangs swept aside.

Eye color: Green

Physical: 5'5", 115 lbs., with slim build and fair complexion.

Clothes: CASUAL: Short-sleeved, powder blue summer dress with floral patterns. WORK: Yellow Housekeeping Services dress with purple apron. SWIMWEAR: Yellow and red-patterned bikini.

Bio: Not much is known about her background, as she even refused to reveal her name at first until fellow grom Greg revealed it when checking her luggage tag after arriving at Surfer's Paradise. Reluctantly took Fin's old job in Housekeeping as a maid after Fin switched jobs to become the second surfing instructor at the hotel. Took part in grom initiation to try to earn a chance to get to see the Office, but cheated her way through to gain an unfair advantage and prevent Greg and other new groms Trevor, Ash and Bonnie from getting ahead in initiation. Disqualified from seeing the Office when Fin exposed her cheating in initiation. Also bullied the shy Bonnie several times until threatened with consequences by Kelly after an incident in the Pirate Ship. Is the younger sister of Rebekka Drake, Kelly's old high school rival, although no one in the Surfer's Paradise gang or on the hotel staff knows as yet about that family relationship because she gave a false last name, Dunn, on her Surfer's Paradise job application to hide her true identity. Tipped off Rebekka about Kelly working at Surfer's Paradise, leading Rebekka to pay a visit to the hotel to resume her feud with Kelly and make trouble for her and her friends. Stood up to Rebekka and chastized her for animal cruelty for kicking young hotel guest Brianna's dog and for assaulting Lo, pointing out the potential for Mr. Ridgemount's wrath against her for the attack.

Personality: Initially appears as spoiled, selfish, snobby, mean-spirited, mischievous, irresponsible, sometimes tactless and rude. Has a stuck-up attitude toward the other groms as well as the seniors when she first arrives at Surfer's Paradise. Originally hated to work and only did so if forced to, trying to skate by on the job by working as little as possible. Enjoys playing pranks on others and will lie to cover her tracks if caught in wrongdoing. Occasionally short-tempered if she gets mad at someone or when she does not get her way. Later displays a surprising soft side for dogs when she criticizes Rebekka for kicking Brianna's dog.

Likes: Playing pranks on others, dogs.

Dislikes: Science fiction, nerds, seagulls, cruelty to dogs.

Friends: None (at least not at Surfer's Paradise).

Enemies: Reef, Fin, Broseph, Lo, Emma, Johnny, Ripper, Kelly, Rosie, Greg, Trevor, Ash, Bonnie.

Family: Father, mother, older sister (Rebekka Drake, relationship revealed in "Butter with Your Popcorn?").

Planned Stoked fanfics

Title: Too Many Cooks (Currently on hiatus)

Summary: A careless remark by Bummer causes Chef and the entire Pirate Ship kitchen staff to quit in protest. Now it's up to Kelly to fill the gaps in the short-staffed kitchen by recruiting Bummer and some of the gang.

Characters Featured: Kelly, Emma, Lo, Bummer, Chef, some grom OCs, others TBA.

Genre: Humor/Friendship


Title: I Need a Break

Summary: Stoked/Total Drama crossover. Total Drama star Gwen comes to town in need of a rest from reality TV and she bonds with the Surfer's Paradise gang - but when her archenemy Heather also appears...?

Characters Featured: Stoked: Fin, Lo, Emma, Kelly, others TBA. Total Drama: Gwen, Heather.

Genre: Humor/Friendship


Title: Surf's Up, Charlie Brown!

Summary: Stoked/Peanuts crossover. The Peanuts gang arrive at Surfer's Paradise as Charlie Brown enters the Mini Groms Competition. When Lucy tries to undermine his shot at success, Charlie Brown turns for help to Fin, Lo and Broseph.

Characters Featured: Stoked: Fin, Lo, Broseph, others TBA. Peanuts: Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, others TBA.

Genre: Humor/Friendship

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