Occupation: Mascot and Surfer
Friends: Groms
Likes: Unknown Female Surfer
Dislikes: Getting abused, being called a fish and Captain Clam.
First Appearance: Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!

Wipeout is Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort's mascot. Wipeout is a purple orca (also known as a killer whale) with floral swim trunks and is usually in a great mood, despite the constant abuse he receives, such as being left behind by the tour bus and having baggage thrown at him. Wipeout seems to like most of the characters. In "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!", it is shown that Wipeout may be a local, by the fact that he was already working when Emma, Fin, and Reef arrived at Sunset Beach. In "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!" and "Board and Confused", it's shown that like the groms, he is also a first-time employee at the resort. The occasional speaking parts Wipeout has throughout the series shows that the employee inside is male.


  • Wipeout has never been seen without his costume.
  • Wipeout has worn at least one older suit, which he threw up inside and was never washed, shown in "Board and Confused". It's possible that the suit was so worn out (being shown as faded and tattered) that it was not worth the cost of being laundered, so a new one was ordered. Wipeout's memory of throwing up inside the suit is so horrible that thinking about it nearly drives him to tears.
  • Wipeout's Board is purple with the image of his face on it, seen in the opening Theme Song and "Chum Music".
  • In "Groms Gone Wild!", Wipeout had a different voice actor.
  • Wipeout once was a bouncer for Club Bro, as seen in "O Broseph, Where Art Thou?".
  • His old suit was made for a larger person.
  • Wipeout is seen hitting on an Unknown Female Surfer in "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!"
  • Wipeout had a portable stereo which he broke in "Board and Confused", and may have gotten a new one.
  • In "Grand Theft Whale Bus", he is Emma's replacement at the Pirate Ship and does worse than Emma did on her first day.
  • He lives by the Mascot Code of Silence.
  • In "Grand Theft Whale Bus", he talks to Bummer about having the strike removal without the lame ceremony, which means he has gone through the Strike Cleansing Ceremony before.
  • His cellphone appears to be a Blackberry Pearl.
  • Wipeout gets very little respect--even Captain Clam gets more respect than he does.
  • He gets kicked in the groin by the Marvin brothers a lot.
  • He was mistaken for a really big fish by a sushi guy, who then chased him with a butterfly net.
  • He tried to breakdance for money but he only got a fish.
  • Wipeout is shown to be a really good fighter, as shown in "Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Clam?" during a battle with Captain Clam.
  • Is likely a grom, as he did not know where the Office is and tried to accompany Reef in finding it. However, Wipeout's probably a local, since he was shown starting his job just before the main characters (minus Johnny) were.
  • There are uncomfirmed rumors that he is voiced by Sergio Di Zio, the same actor who voices Ripper.
  • It's possible that whoever wears the suit has a crush on Emma (or at least finds her attractive), since in "The Make-Out Fake-Out," he stares at Emma for a little bit and notes that she's very pretty.
  • In "Groms on Strike", he sides with the seniors and accidentally ate a donut with a fast-acting laxative, then ends up not making it to the washroom in time before the laxative does its work.
  • In "All We Are Saying is Give Reef a Chance", it turns out he has a driver's licence.



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